“Simply Local…Simply Fresh™” isn’t just a tagline, it’s our mission. Four words that encompass a simple, honest promise to our customers. A promise that we keep daily by delivering products cultivated with the safest standards and most energy efficient technologies available. We dedicate ourselves to providing only the highest in quality, so you can feel good about making Edible Garden a family table staple.


Traditional farming practices combined with unpredictable environmental conditions have always been a barrier for farmers. This led Edible Garden to seek out a better way to combine emerging technology with the wisdom of Mother Nature, in order to grow food and flowers in an indoor, controlled environment (also called hydroponic farming). Edible Garden utilizes sustainable hydroponic farming methods in order to provide you with high quality products free from pesticides, herbicides, residues or contaminants. From planting to delivery – our clean, controlled, indoor environment ensures Edible Garden produce always meets our uncompromising standards—using the wisdom of the past to help the future of your community. 



Sustainable farming is our passion. And with the world’s ever-expanding population placing an even greater burden on our environment, we believe it is our duty to provide responsible farming solutions that are sustainably sound and forward-thinking. This is why we will never use result to “quick-fixes” like genetically modified organisms or chemicals and pesticides. 



Edible Garden believes in the good that local healthy produce and sustainable farming can do, we believe in giving back to our local communities as well. Fresh, healthful foods should be available to all which is why we support food pantries near our farms by stocking their shelves with or fresh “living” produce. That way, the underserved get to benefit from the positives of healthy options for their plates. And as our brand grows, we commit ourselves to proportionally expanding our outreach with each new community we join. So when you support Edible Garden, you can feel good knowing you're also supporting your community as a whole.   




USDA Certified Organic
Organic certification verifies that your farm or handling facility complies with the USDA organic regulations. This certification allows you to sell, label, and represent your products as organic. Farms all over the world may be certified to the USDA organic standards. Most farms and businesses that grow, handle, or process organic products must be certified. Certification allows you to call your product “organic” and to use the USDA seal.



The Non-GMO Project
The retailers who started the Non-GMO Project were motivated by a simple idea. They believed that consumers in North America should have access to clearly-labeled non-GMO food and products, now and in the future. That conviction continues to guide the Non-GMO Project, as North America’s only independent verification for products made according to best practices for GMO avoidance.

What does “Non-GMO Project Verified seal” mean?
The verification seal indicates that the product bearing the seal has gone through our verification process. Our verification is an assurance that a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance.



GFSI Certification
The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an industry-driven initiative providing thought leadership and guidance on food safety management systems necessary for safety along the supply chain. This work is accomplished through collaboration between the world’s leading food safety experts from retail, manufacturing and food service companies, as well as international organizations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry. They meet together at technical working group and stakeholder meetings, conferences and regional events to share knowledge and promote a harmonized approach to managing food safety across the industry. GFSI is facilitated by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a global, parity-based industry network, driven by its members.



Produce Traceability Initiative
The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) implements case-level electronic traceability in the produce industry. PTI is designed to help the industry maximize the effectiveness of current trace back procedures, while developing a standardized industry approach to enhance the speed and efficiency of traceability systems for the future.